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Post by Eagle Flight on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:13 am

Name: Eagleflight.
Gender: Male.
age: 14 moons.
Rank: Warrior. Higher if available, so that these positions aren't left open.
Clan: Winter.
Looks/personality: Eagleflight is a black cat, with piercing grey eyes. They were named after their fleet movements, a preference as they prefer to avoid harsh movements. They saw a brief battle with wolves early on, in which a few cats died, and have since then avoided movements like the wolves'. They prefer the Clan's safety from other forces, even if it means a harsh set of rules for Clan cats. They sometimes risk getting on the bad side of other cats by their aggressive reactions to other Clans' cats straying near their territory. Their tail is slightly tagged from occasional fights and tough situations, but these keep their claws sharp.

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